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Zari rejects Ringtone’s ride, singer in denial

Following Ringtone’s Apoko’s efforts to gift Zari with a posh ride, his efforts have not yielded to anything much because much as he did not meet Zari, the mom of five was made aware of how one of her fans was madly and deeply in love with her, she just said I’m not aware of such because I have close to 4million followers and there’s no way I can keep tabs on each and every one of them.
During the interview at Kiss FM in Nairobi, Diamond Platnumz’ ex was asked if they could pass on her contact to gospel artist Ringtone, the Ugandan socialite said no clearly confirming that she wanted nothing to do with the ride nor the singer who was trying way so hard to get at her.
Zari who was last night at B-Club hanging with close friends, her sister Zuleha and cousin William Bugeme was appearing on one local telly where she revealed that had it not been for the cheating lovers and costs involved in raising children, she could have had as many as 10 children.
She also reiterated her earlier position of setting up a food chain similar to KFC in Kenya.
Meanwhile, Ringtone is not yet done, using his wall, he noted that through his emissaries, he had been informed that Zari had acknowledged his efforts of showing her love, but one of his followers made this comment;
“But who bewitched you my brother? From the look of things you need prayers more than anyone else..”
“Woyee…I feel so much for you, she said she is not interested continue praying though she might change her mind in the meantime,  I can keep for you the car,” Another added.

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